Friday, February 27, 2009

Scott's Creations

Witches of Eastwick was the correct answer. Thank you everyone for taking part in the movie trivia puzzle -- check in next Wednesday for more movie fun!

Now on to today's feature, Scott Radke and his amazing clay creations. I came across these wonderful handmade creatures and fell in love. Scott's website is another site where you end up spending a lot of time browsing through his incredible collection. His pieces are both whimsical and eerily beautiful, as if each piece has their own secret story to tell you behind their expression. I love Scott's body of work and think you will too. It was hard to pick out just one favorite piece, so I choose three, but I do think they will leave you wanting to see more.

Swan #35

Octopus #3

Fish #10


storybeader said...

those photographs look so two-dimensional! Very unusual!

lubasa said...

he have a huge tallent

Dorothy L said...

Very Unique!
The artist definitely has some insight.
Thank you for sharing such amazing talent.
Have a great day!


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