Monday, February 23, 2009

Edible Panties - Buy or Supply

So I know Valentine's Day was last week and these panties would've been perfect, but why not celebrate every day as if it's Valentine's Day with these edible panties. This was an easy one as far as supplies go, not much you need at all; I'm sure you can substitute the chopsticks for knitting needles. There might be one small problem for me though and that is I might eat all the licorice before one stitch is even cast, but you may have better luck. If so I found this great how-t0 for these panties, if you'd rather buy them and you're in a hurry to get the party started there's a site where you can buy these already made. Have fun.

302 Calories Edible Panties, Dawn Payne

Red Licorice Laces, Sweet Factory

Or maybe black licorice is more your flavor or color :)

Black Licorice Laces, Sweet Factory

Rosewood Ladies Chopsticks,DreamingDragonDesign

Edible Undies, Intimate Wholesalers

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twenty pound tabby said...

Oh my! I know exactly who to send this to!

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