Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movie Trivia

Can you guess what movie I'm referring to by all of these Etsy finds? Can you piece together the title of this famous movie from the clues below -- it's a pretty easy one and there are more clues under My Favorites at the right. The answer will be in my next post.

James Dean Scrabble Tile Pendant, Firefly

Natalie Wood, modartwork

Custom Made 1955 Vogue Dress, porshesplace

6x9 Rebels, f2images


sassypackrat said...

The movie you are refering to is I believe, "Rebel Without A Cause".

Anonymous said...

Oh too easy! Give us a harder one. :)

Hot Rocks said...

Uh that would be Rebel Without a Cause...but looks like sassypackrat beat me to it!

Nancy said...

Okay, guys way too easy, they are going to get harder!

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