Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Charms and Beads

Shabby Chic Collection - Sky

I love this dragonfly! Patina Queen is a shop that does great things with metal and the colors that come through are beautiful. Check out this shop for more lovely dragonflies in various colors and great patinas and while your there it'll be hard not to pick up some beads to match.

Aqua Quartz 14mm

Monday, September 29, 2008

Crochet Pattern Cuties

Amigurumi Flower Fairies, Crochet Pattern
If you love to crochet, here are some great patterns from Bluebeary Treasures . I love crochet and these adorable critters would bring a smile to anyone's face -- so to all those crocheters out there check out these patterns for endless delightful smiles!! Here a couple of my favorites. Oh, and another great thing about her patterns is that you don't even have to wait to get them delivered in the mail, although you can ask for postal delivery, these darling patterns come ready to download straight to your desktop -- don't you just love modern technology!

Snowflake Winterbeary, Mini Crocheted Bear

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fabrics Galore

Amy Butler, Daisy Chain Set, Fat Quarters
For some great fabrics and combinations of beautiful fabrics check out Down Shadow Lane. There is a wide array of fabrics including a variety of prints from Amy Butler and Heather Bailey. Plenty of beautiful fabrics to browse through here!

Pop Garden and Bijoux, Heather Bailey, Fat Quarters

Friday, September 26, 2008

Two-Holed Beads

Butterfly and Daisy Beads
For the best two-holed beads around I'd have to say take a look at Periwinkle Blue Gap -- her shop is full of nothing but and she's got some real beauties. And because I have bought from this shop several times, I can vouch for the customer service -- nothing but the best. Quality service from the time you hit purchase to pay for the beads to the time you receive these little lovelies packaged so nicely and always with a nice little surprise. I highly recommend this shop if you're in the market for two-holed beads!

Flower Petals

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Handmade Stamps

Little Girl with Bird
CraftPudding makes THE most adorable handmade rubber stamps so if you're just into stamping for the fun of it or would like a custom made stamp this shop is for you. Check it out, for real, there's some really great stamps here.

Custom Rubber Stamp Set

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hand Spun Yarns

Beautiful Bamboo Harvest Dreams
Hand Spun Single Ply Yarn

This yarn is a collaborative effort with it being hand dyed by fiberlady and hand spun by kittygrrlz from 100% bamboo fiber. This lovely yarn is available at kittygrrlz where you'll find lots of great hand spun yarns in many beautiful colors just ready and waiting for your creative magic to turn this yarn into something delicious!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Awesome Rubber Stamps

Art Nouveau Botanicals Rubber Stamp Sheet

The Etsy shop Inklings and Imprints have some great rubber stamps. Their stamps are created using original artwork. Here is one of their beauties.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Skeleton Beads

Lolita Day of the Dead Skull Beads
Now that Halloween is approaching I'm getting into the scary business -- I love Halloween and I absolutely adore these scary, fun beads from pinkee. Her shop is full of great supplies including loads of skull beads and various other beads and things.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chihuahua Bead - Minis

Chihuahua Beads - Minis
This sweet little Chihuahua bead is a mini version of my larger Chihuahua bead. These beads would look great alone added to a necklace or small enough for earrings.

This little cutie pie is hand-sculpted from polymer clay.

Size is approximate:
5/8" vertical (top to bottom)
7/8" horizontal (ear to ear)
1/2" horizontal (nose to back of head)

The bead is pierced vertically from top of head to bottom.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Can you say Kitsch?

Multi Color Cherry Charms
I love these adorable charms and dice beads, they are perfect to dress up your next kitschy creation -- nothing better than bright, colorful cherries and pink dice to do just that. For where to find these pieces, check out Lunachick Findings.

Light Pink Dice Beads

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beads and Things

Chunky Green Beads
Blenderbach has oodles of handmade polymer clay beads of various shapes and colors and some really cool stickers for all your paper projects.

Reptile Stickers

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vintage Sewing Patterns

So Easy Girls Sundress Pattern

If you're looking for vintage sewing patterns you'll want to stop by playinjayne. The shop has many vintage sewing patterns for clothes and even some for various animals including this adorable cow pattern below. It was fun just browsing through the shop looking at all of the photos on these patterns and for sewers it ought to be sheer delight!

Dressed up Cows and Bulls Pattern

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Felt Beads

Felt Beads
These colorful lovely handmade beads can be found at lusitania, a shop full of colorful felted wool beads and accessories.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Redhead Diva's Paper Emporium

Halloween - 60 Custom Stickers

This shop is full of handmade paper products from stickers to business cards to promo packs. Choose from stock designs or if you have a special design in mind just contact this seller, she'll be happy to do a custom design just for you.

Beads - 60 Custom Etsy Shop Stickers

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Polymer Clay Canes

Skull and Crossbones

Polymer clay canes have always amazed me. It's hard for me to believe that people have the patience to put these canes together, but I'm so glad there's folks out there who enjoy it because I sure do love canes. And karenperry59 has some wonderful canes. I have purchased a few canes from her and they were perfect. So if you're out there looking for some cute canes for Halloween stop by her shop. She has some really cute designs for Halloween and also has adorable critters, flowers, bugs and more.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gypsy Goods

ABEO-Shank Art Buttons-Mini Artist Canvas 1.5"
I just fell in love with these beautiful canvas art supplies from the very first time I spotted them. If you're an artist and love to work on canvas and want to show off your one of a kind artwork these are the supplies for you. Kathy, the girl behind gypsygoods describes these little lovelies as "ABEO-Art Buttons, Editions and Originals -- like an ACEO - the perfect little artist media for expressing your creativity with the depth that only art on canvas can provide".

These canvas supplies come as buttons, pin-backs and magnets. The uses for these are endless, what a better way to customize a sweater, personalize a beautiful quilt or dress up a hat, decorate your metal cabinets or display together as a collection of art. I just love 'em.

ABEO Magnet Art Buttons-Mini Artist Canvas 1.5"

William the Walrus Bead

William the Walrus
I've decided what direction I want this blog to go and I think it will be mainly focused on art supplies. Who doesn't love arts and craft supplies -- it seems lately that's all I go shopping for. So let's begin with one of my beads, William the Walrus bead. He's a cute hand-sculpted polymer clay bead. You can use him for a necklace, as a key fob, on a book bag, in a mobile, hanging just about anywhere. He's an adorable little bead with a great toothy smile :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tanybug - Photography

Orange Flower
Indie Sista's is proud to show off some beautiful photography from Tanybug. Her photographs are quite beautiful. It was hard to pick a favorite, her flower photography is also amazing, but I especially love this photograph, the contrast of the bright flower to the dark background is striking, but yet the colors in the brick pick up a hint of the orange in the flower, stunning! Her shop is full of wonderful photography and for the photographer she has hand-sewn camera straps, so pretty and colorful. Tanybug also creates the sweetest art prints, you can take a look at a few of my favorites on my other blog nanjodogz.

Neon Lights

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Etsy for Animals (EFA) Birthday Bash

The EFA is having a Birthday Bash from September 15th through September 30th. I will be accepting a 20% off coupon in my shop. The coupon code to use is NANJO. Just put the code in the notes to seller section and either proceed through to checkout and pay for the item and I will reimburse you the 20% or do not proceed through to make payment and I will send a revised invoice. Either way it's pretty easy so stop on by NanjoDogz between Sept. 15th thru Sept. 30th and receive a 20% discount. There are approximately 150 Etsy shops that are accepting the 20% off coupon including the Etsyforanimals shop. You can use the assigned code for each store or you can use my code NANJO in any of these participating stores to receive 20% off. You can find a complete list of the stores at the EFA website.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Circles are Forever

Best Friends Stitch Magnets
This Etsy shop circlesareforever is stock full of bright bottle cap art including magnets, pins, thumb tacks, earrings and more, but my all time favorite is this clever little stitcher magnet. Instead of using a pin cushion you can use these wonderful hand painted magnets - delightful!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to Indie Sista's

Eve is an original drawing I did many moons ago.

I decided to start another blog where I will turn the focus more on supplies for handmade items, arts, crafts and the independent artist. There are so many wonderful independent artisans and so many beautiful handmade items. I love to browse around the world of independent art and feast my eyes on all the lovely creations that folks make with their hands. I love the handmade gift, there is so much love and creativity, time and devotion to each piece. The ideas and techniques, the color choice and the beauty that each artist brings to their own unique style has always amazed and delighted me. So in this blog I will focus on these artists who vary from watercolor artists to jewelry makers to paper products to sculpture, but I also want to focus on the supplies that it takes to create these wonders.

Indie Sista's Profile

Indie Sista's is a blog dedicated to the independent artist and the supplies needed to create.

Assemblage, art, crochet, fashion, jewelry, knitting, scrapbook, sculpture, vintage and more.