Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to Indie Sista's

Eve is an original drawing I did many moons ago.

I decided to start another blog where I will turn the focus more on supplies for handmade items, arts, crafts and the independent artist. There are so many wonderful independent artisans and so many beautiful handmade items. I love to browse around the world of independent art and feast my eyes on all the lovely creations that folks make with their hands. I love the handmade gift, there is so much love and creativity, time and devotion to each piece. The ideas and techniques, the color choice and the beauty that each artist brings to their own unique style has always amazed and delighted me. So in this blog I will focus on these artists who vary from watercolor artists to jewelry makers to paper products to sculpture, but I also want to focus on the supplies that it takes to create these wonders.

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Triz Designs said...

this is really beautiful! i love the colours and composition!!!

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