Friday, February 27, 2009

Scott's Creations

Witches of Eastwick was the correct answer. Thank you everyone for taking part in the movie trivia puzzle -- check in next Wednesday for more movie fun!

Now on to today's feature, Scott Radke and his amazing clay creations. I came across these wonderful handmade creatures and fell in love. Scott's website is another site where you end up spending a lot of time browsing through his incredible collection. His pieces are both whimsical and eerily beautiful, as if each piece has their own secret story to tell you behind their expression. I love Scott's body of work and think you will too. It was hard to pick out just one favorite piece, so I choose three, but I do think they will leave you wanting to see more.

Swan #35

Octopus #3

Fish #10

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's guess that movie time again

Can you guess this movie from these great Etsy finds? The movie is from 1987. The rest of the clues are below or in My Favorites at the right and are given in either the photo themselves or in the title of the piece. So go ahead give it a try. I will not publish any comments until Friday when I will reveal the correct answer in the comment section along with all of your answers. Have fun!

Tabitha Witch, fairiesnest

(can you say cute?)

Sarah Coventry Light of the East, UtterlyEclectic

(great vintage pieces in this shop)

Wick Soy Blend Yarn, WickedWestie

Monday, February 23, 2009

Edible Panties - Buy or Supply

So I know Valentine's Day was last week and these panties would've been perfect, but why not celebrate every day as if it's Valentine's Day with these edible panties. This was an easy one as far as supplies go, not much you need at all; I'm sure you can substitute the chopsticks for knitting needles. There might be one small problem for me though and that is I might eat all the licorice before one stitch is even cast, but you may have better luck. If so I found this great how-t0 for these panties, if you'd rather buy them and you're in a hurry to get the party started there's a site where you can buy these already made. Have fun.

302 Calories Edible Panties, Dawn Payne

Red Licorice Laces, Sweet Factory

Or maybe black licorice is more your flavor or color :)

Black Licorice Laces, Sweet Factory

Rosewood Ladies Chopsticks,DreamingDragonDesign

Edible Undies, Intimate Wholesalers

Friday, February 20, 2009

Painted Feathers

Coraline was correct, I'm going to have to make those a bit harder :). Now on to today's feature. I came across these painted feathers and wanted to share them. I can't imagine how these beautiful paintings are done on feathers, (can use say patience) but take a look at these three amazing artists. I first fell upon Barb Curtiss at her site Featherpainter where she had links to two other great artists. Take a look below at these three artists and their beautiful work. If you're interested in giving it a try yourself, Barb also offers a how-to booklet so you can learn how to paint these beauties if you're interested in giving it a try.

Hot Day for a Baby, Barb Curtiss

Barn Owl, Gail Savage

Wolf, Kate Freeman

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Movie Trivia - Guess The Movie

Just another fun way to introduce some of the wonderful artists on Etsy. It's guess that movie time, now let's have a little bit of fun. Can you guess this recent hit movie that's in theaters now? The clues are in the titles or the pieces themselves and maybe a few more under my favorites at the right. If you want to guess, leave a comment. On Friday I will post the answer in the comments section so if you did take a guess you can see if you were right.

Coral Delight Necklace, sweetbjewels

Alphabet Series Letter I, DripStick

The Letter N, kelsyhenke

E, TheWorldIsMyStudio

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sackboy - Buy or Supply

Whether you're into buying the adorable Sackboy or you'd like to knit him up yourself, below you will find both options, a ready made Sackboy to cherish forever or some supplies to get you started on creating this little guy on your own and a free how-to Sackboy knitting pattern.

Sackboy with Attitude, RugRats

Hand-Painted Birch Knitting Needles, souptoknits

Taste of Fall Tiger Cub, The Painted Tiger

Cherry Cheesecake Stitch Markers, scarymerry

Geranium Floral Knitting Bag, Debdonnellydesigns

Friday, February 13, 2009

Amazing Enchanted Dolls

Let me first start out by saying, wow and secondly, wow. Are you into dolls? Whether you are or not I'm pretty sure you will absolutely love these handmade porcelain dolls, they are something to see. I came across these Enchanted Dolls by the artist Marina Bychkova yesterday and was totally blown away. I actually spent a portion of my day at her site looking through all of her handmade dolls and was truly amazed not only at the dolls and all of their detailed amazement, but at the dresses and accessories in all their beaded splendor.

Makhdot-Daughter of the Moon

Mermaid Song


If you have some time -- and seriously if you have some time because it's hard not to look at every piece of this art, check out Enchanted Dolls, it's jaw dropping. My favorite has to be Mermaid Song in all her tattooed glory!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can You Guess?

Can you guess what this movie is? Okay, you wanted it a little harder, well here it is, it's a bit harder, but not too bad, I'm easing you all into this. The clues are in the handmade items below. This movie was from 1986, that's the only clue I'm going to give you (more clues in My Favorites on the right). Good luck! Leave a comment with your answer.

Black No. Nine Vintage Typewriter Key Charm, KeysandMemories

Strawberry Half, cathysavelspaintings

Days of the Week Tags, everyjotandtittle

Monday, February 9, 2009

Quilting and Applique - Buy or Supply

I love quilts, especially ones like the little Beaver below that tell a story. I have tried my hand at quilting and used to love to piece the fabrics together. I have finished three of them and I do cherish each one because of the time it takes to make these handmade treasures. They are pieces that are cherished forever and handed down as heirlooms. Maybe buying quilts is your thing -- if not buying, how about trying to make one on your own. Here are some fabrics, threads and a how to book to get you started or visit How To Quilt, this site has a wealth of quilting information to get you started and beyond.

Discerning Beaver Selects Twigs to Build Home, kingfishercrafts

Hoffman Batiks 1895 Series Marlin Cotton, fabricsbythesea

Metallic Quilting Threads, EmbellishLikeCrazy

Green Blender Cotton Fabric, embroideryimpression

Quilting Made Easy, toomanytreasures

Friday, February 6, 2009

For Valentine's Day

I give you the Smitten. I came across the Smitten yesterday and fell in love with this. What is a Smitten, it's a mitten for you and your lover to wear while you're holding hands on those long romantic walks in the winter. It can also be worn individually as a muff, how adorable is that and just in time for Valentine's Day. I think all of you knitters can whip this up in no time and have it ready for some winter walks this year. I came across the Smitten at cocoknits. It is designed by Julie Weisenberger and there is a free downloadable pattern available.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movie Trivia

Can you guess what movie I'm referring to by all of these Etsy finds? Can you piece together the title of this famous movie from the clues below -- it's a pretty easy one and there are more clues under My Favorites at the right. The answer will be in my next post.

James Dean Scrabble Tile Pendant, Firefly

Natalie Wood, modartwork

Custom Made 1955 Vogue Dress, porshesplace

6x9 Rebels, f2images

Monday, February 2, 2009

Buy or Supply - Paper Art

Are you into buying ACEO's, scrapbook pages, assemblage, mixed media art? Well, whether you're into buying this type of art (there is a great example below of a mixed media ACEO) -- or maybe giving paper art a try is more your style. If so, there are some supplies and a couple of great reference links on how to get started in scrapbooking and a how-to make gift tags. Either way you decide to go, buy or supply, enjoy your handcraftedness.

C is for Curiosity ACEO, sujati

Vintage Flowers, Leafs Assortment, lynnetteaprilarts

60 Sheets, Bright Paper Scrap Pack, kibblets

Pastel Satin String Cord, polkadotstrawberry

3D Butterflies, clearcutcrafts2007

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