Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's guess that movie time again

Can you guess this movie from these great Etsy finds? The movie is from 1987. The rest of the clues are below or in My Favorites at the right and are given in either the photo themselves or in the title of the piece. So go ahead give it a try. I will not publish any comments until Friday when I will reveal the correct answer in the comment section along with all of your answers. Have fun!

Tabitha Witch, fairiesnest

(can you say cute?)

Sarah Coventry Light of the East, UtterlyEclectic

(great vintage pieces in this shop)

Wick Soy Blend Yarn, WickedWestie


storybeader said...

love the little witch!

FairiesNest said...

Ahhh...The Witches of Eastwick! Thanks so much for including Tabitha in your puzzle!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Witches of Eastwick! What a cast - you gotta love Jack Nicholson.

laane said...

Oh what a cute apple lady.

We used to have an apple lady visit the playschool of the children.

She signalled that the apples on the trees where ripe and the children were allowed to go to the farm nearby and look around.

It was always fun.

The little doll sitting on the table, the children happy and expectant and then later the "real" applewoman between the trees with a huge basket of apples. Each for every child.

Your doll made me think about it. :)

twenty pound tabby said...

Haha! If it isn't Witches of Eastwick, I'll be surprised.

Sedie said...

My guess is "The Princess Bride" heheh

Nancy said...

Witches of Eastwick is the correct answer. Thank you all for taking part in the movie trivia puzzle -- check in next Wednesday for more movie fun!

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me participate, that was fun AND my pin sold.

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