Monday, February 16, 2009

Sackboy - Buy or Supply

Whether you're into buying the adorable Sackboy or you'd like to knit him up yourself, below you will find both options, a ready made Sackboy to cherish forever or some supplies to get you started on creating this little guy on your own and a free how-to Sackboy knitting pattern.

Sackboy with Attitude, RugRats

Hand-Painted Birch Knitting Needles, souptoknits

Taste of Fall Tiger Cub, The Painted Tiger

Cherry Cheesecake Stitch Markers, scarymerry

Geranium Floral Knitting Bag, Debdonnellydesigns


Always Kawaii said...

This sackboy is to cute :)

Ana said...

I love the sackboy. Too cute :-)

storybeader said...

sackboy is very cute. And I like the knitting bag - great idea there!

lisa winter said...

those knitting needles are great, so fun and colorful.

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