Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie Challenge - 03/25/09

It's guess that movie time again and here are some handmade items for your clues. Remember, the clues may be in the photos or the titles themselves. The only other clue I will give you is that the film is a 1975 crime drama starring one of my favorite actors. There may be other clues hiding in the right sidebar under My Favorites. I will not enable comments until the next post where I will reveal the correct answer. Have fun!!

Vintage Dime Store Dog Figurine, bedouin

Feel Each Day, thepeachpit

Window Box - Warm Afternoon, wanderingmoon


Split Rock Ranch said...

Dog Day Afternoon!

Hot Rocks said...

Would it be Dog Day Afternoon?

NICO Designs said...

Good morning!! I mentioned your blog as a thanks and showed off a piece from Nanjodogz since you have them as a favorite.


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