Friday, March 20, 2009

More Awesome Dolls

Answer to the Movie Challenge: Looking for Mr. Goodbar -- you were all correct again! And now on to today's feature --
I was browsing around and found these wonderful Freaky Deaky Dolls by the artist Joanna Bond. I think I must be fascinated with dolls and sculpture because I tend to feature them a lot. I am most fascinated with the intricacies of these pieces and their weird awesome delight. Joanne describes them as sculptured fashion and random art object dolls. They are truly one of a kind pieces that brought me a lot of joy looking at them -- I'm sure they bring much joy to someone who actually owns one! It was definitely hard to pick a favorite (and if you visit her website I think you'll see why) so here are a few that I chose.


Winter Dryad

Andy Barbies

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Hot Rocks said...

Those are certainly unique!

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