Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's Your Style?

Today it's the wonderful world of cuffs. These beautiful cuffs are all done in mainly white or neutral tones. So let's begin, we can imagine our fantasy outfit and this outfit would not be complete without one of these beautiful cuffs -- so what are you in the mood for today -- classic, maybe modern, whimsical, romantic or chic -- what would be your style of cuff for today?


Queen Anne's Lace Embroidered Cuff, Waterrose

Modern and Fun

White Cuff w/hand cut guitar, yabettasupadont

A Bit of Whimsy

EcoCuff, Dragonfly Wings on White Leather, greenbelts

Chic and Sleek

Peark White Metallic Whipsnake Silver Lined Cuff, Unearthed


Golden Nightingale Cuff, arttoweardiva


Abby said...

Love your blog!! I gave it an award--feel free to stop by and pick it up!


Greenbelts said...

Thanks so much for featuring my butterfly cuff. I really appreciate the support.

Shannon (from Greenbelts)

aquaman910 said...

I love the guitar cuff, I think that would be such a cool gift! Where can I get one?

Also, I noticed you have a "Link Love" section on your toolbar. I would like to be added. Please contact me at forrestwhaling[at] and I will give you the details and an offer. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Ooohh...I just voted for your cuff on the etsy storque article. Good luck!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are awesome!

Stormee said...

I love your blog, and those cuffs are to die for. Esp the Queen Ann's Lace cuff by Waterrose.

Waterrose said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Queen Annes Lace cuff! So many other beautiful cuffs!

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