Friday, January 30, 2009

Things Are Getting A Little Fishy.....

.... around here. It's cold outside, thinking of summer, the water, sand in my toes, longing for warm sunshine, to be near the water where the fish are jumping. These beautiful pieces carry me away to that place that's just around the corner.

Catch of the Day, carolinableu

Fish Bone Earrings, CoastalTreasures

Catch of The Day, laspottery

Koi and Lily Pad Necklace, KoiKouture


storybeader said...

nice picks! Enjoyed it!

ray gratzner said...

well this is a well crafted 'fishing' for compliments...Compliments

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are awesome finds! Thanks for sharing ;)

Jo Hoffacker said...

Those are absolutely lovely!

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