Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do Si Dough

Bare Bones Set 4 oz.

These home made and handmade doughs are made by DoSiDough in bright, beautiful colors, some even have pretty glitter added to it. These are great supplies for your children to play hours on endless hours creating hamburgers, animals shapes, flowers, let their creativity flow. It surely will keep them busy while you do your own crafting. I'm pretty sure, if you can talk your children into letting you use it, you can let your own imagination fly and discover many uses for these doughs in your own projects. If you'd like more than one color, you can join a three, six or twelve month subscription where your child receives a new color each month.


melissaclee said...

That is a really neat idea!

Anna said...

They look so bright and fun! I want to get my hands in there and squish! :)

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