Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scrapbook -- Mixed Media -- Card Making

Vintage Lilac, Lavender & Lace Embellishment,
Millinery and Trim Set

I found ShaneLilyRain yesterday and had so much fun browsing through this shop. There are loads of stuff for all crafts in this shop from scrapbook to mixed media to card making to sewing. What I liked most in this shop were her bundles of goodies. I love the idea of packaging products like this because I know for me as a crafter I always love to get packages of goodies. I always ask my family members if they have little things they aren't using to give them to me and they'll give me a box of 'junk' as they call it. And when I open that box of junk, my eyes get wide like a little kid and it turns that box of junk into a box of little treasures. My creativity comes alive and it opens my mind to many new ideas. I'm not sure why that is, but I get much more creative when I get a box of various bits than I do when I get a package of the same item -- make sense to any other crafters out there or am I alone on this?

Tub of Vintage Whimsy and Embellishments

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