Friday, October 31, 2008

Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

Ms. Penny Punk Kid Head Beads
I just wanted to share a set of new beads that I've put in my shop -- this is Ms. Penny Punk Kid Beads. Ms. Penny Punk Kid head beads. This is a set of two Ms. Penny Punk head beads. The beads match Ms. Penny the Punk Kid Bead also available in my shop shown below. Beads are pierced vertically from top of head to bottom.

Size is approximate:
4/8" vertical (top to bottom)
5/8" horizontal (ear to ear)
1/2" horizontal (nose to back of head)

Ms. Penny Punk Kid Bead
Ms. Penny is one of my Punk Kid beads. This little girl loves punk and loves purple! It's her favorite color and she just loves her purple hair. Ms. Penny is hand-sculpted from polymer clay. She is all purple except for green cane heart on her tummy and green shoes. She has a green Swarovski crystal on the side of her head.

The approximate size of the bead is:
1-1/8" top to bottom
6/8" side to side
5/8" front to back

The bead is pierced vertically from top of head to bottom.


Meg said...

the are so adorable!

Jean9 said...

Wow these beads are fantastic, I have not seen anything like them. Very unique.

Angie Atkinson said...

Freaking adorable. What a wonderful idea!

storybeader said...

those little girls are adorable - I'm sure they will be a hit!

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