Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm dreaming of when the weather turns warm and the dragonflies swarm around me at the river. I mean who doesn't love these lovely creatures.


Thyme2dream said...

Delightful post - I do love dragonflies:)

Jen said...

I love dragonflies (they're so pretty! (now I'm off to check out those connectors - I think they might just need to be mine... :o)

Hot Rocks said...

I adore dragonflies...if you read my last post, I have a collection of pottery with dragonfly motifs. I think I will do a post on that next week!

Duni said...

I love dragonflies...the turquoise enamel one is very pretty!

Spice said...

I LOVE dragonflies! These are so pretty!

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