Friday, May 1, 2009

Needle Felt Oddities

The answer to the Handmade Movie Challenge 04.29 was Steel Magnolias -- good job to all who guessed and thanks for playing along!

Now on to today's feature. I'm used to seeing felted wool in cute, adorable dogs, cats and other animals so when I came across these needle felt creations by Stephanie Metz I was oddly attracted to them. They are pieces like I've never seen before so maybe that's why I was so pulled in by them or maybe it's just my odd curiosity, either way I fell in love with these skull pieces and wanted to share them here with you. You can find more of these here at her website where along with these she does have cute and adorable animals. You can also check out some prints of her sculptures available in her etsy shop.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's too funny! I Love 'em :)

storybeader said...

how unusual! Those are great!

Daisy said...

Those are very cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow...they're really strange. The fuzziness mocks the fur of what used to cover the animal...paired with that same texture looking strange because bone is supposed to be smooth. A visual trick- I like it!

Leslie said...

What a cool feature. I*m going to check out the shop. Those are awesome, she did a great job. A little odd though, but good :P

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