Saturday, December 27, 2008

Simple Elegance

New Year's Eve parties are coming quickly so I thought I'd get together a few great pieces for the festivities. If you're going to a party here are some of my head to toe favorite picks for such an event. When dressing up for a holiday party, I like to dress on the conservative side with a very simple dress that can say everything. I love strapless and very seldom wear any jewelry on the neck because I think with a beautiful strapless dress a woman's neck speaks volumes and is very sexy on its own -- with a great dress your neck will look beautiful bare. On the other hand, a great ring and/or bracelet and bag do the trick to set off just a bit of flare. What would your style be for such a party -- conservative or a bit more on the flashy side?

Black and White Tutu Dress, gingercream

Black Satin Court Shoe, Massaro

Audrey Evening Clutch, Skakuyaku

Discovered Treasure, SilverCrush

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Duni said...

This dress is absolutely stunning! Great choice of accessories too. This is exactly what I would wear ☺

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