Friday, May 22, 2009

The Bride - What's Your Style?

Indie Sista's will be on vacation for a week so before leaving I thought I'd leave you with something for the bride. June is the month for weddings and love is in the air so take a look at these lovely items for the bride and her special day. Would your dream wedding be traditional or avant-garde? To view these amazing pieces in more detail just click on the photo or the links below. See you when we return from vacation -- you all be good now you hear!


Hot Rocks said...

Gorgeous items! I love both the black and white pretty! Have a nice holiday!

RKP said...

Thanks for including my shoes! Such great collections you put together. :)


Meghann said...

Woooo i LOVE those marie antoinette pumps - sooo sexy!
Great features!

Joddie said...

Woww.. nice style, I love the 'white' style than the 'black' one.. it's so pure and gorgeous

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